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troke SB7. Later▓ he won a silv▓er medal at the 2000 Sydney Paralympi▓cs and a gold and a silver ▓at the 2004 Athen▓s Paralympics. ▓He was known▓ as the "king of breaststroke w▓ithout arms".Gong retired from sw▓imming last year. He used the money he had won to start a pig farm in the Dongli▓ng district of Shenyang, ▓capital of Liaonin▓g province. The local govern▓ment also helped to fund the farm, in an▓ effort to ▓support the disabl▓ed but strong-wille▓d Gong."Som▓e disabled athletes lack the ▓skills and▓ ability to get a ▓job when they r▓etire. Some ev▓en have trouble supporting themselves," Gong, 3▓7, who is the f▓ather of a 10-ye▓ar-old girl, sai▓d.Some of his fellow athletes were even rejected ▓when apply▓ing for restaurant j▓obs, Gong not▓ed."I opened a re▓staurant myself to provide jobs for d▓isabled athletes." Gong said. "It failed ▓because cons▓umers did not wis▓h to be served by the handicapped."Realizing that many disabled athletes co▓me from rur▓al areas, Gong chan▓ged his mi▓nd and launched a pig farm. This▓

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time, he succeeded▓.Next, in cooperation with▓ university technic▓ians, Gong▓ hopes to offer a ▓class in how to▓ set up a pig f▓arm, which he h▓opes will at▓tract some ▓60 disabled at▓hletes.Gong bec▓ame addicted to swimming when he ▓was a child,▓ but was banned from the pool because▓ he had no ar▓ms.Once, his ▓parents tied his feet when they ▓went to work, so that Gong wouldn't risk his life tryi▓ng to swim."My pl▓aymates used to climb through ▓the window, unti▓e me, and help me ou▓t. Then they'▓d brin

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